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We enhance your document system one step at a time

Optimizing your company’s document management system boils down to improving nine fundamental tasks on an organization-wide basis. Inefficiency and lost opportunity result when any of these nine tasks are performed poorly, repeated, or done out of sequence—or if they occur at the wrong stage in the value chain.

The nine essential document management tasks: 

  1. icon_storageManage
    To ensure high-quality capture, paper files must be prepped, organized, stored, and labeled properly at the beginning.
  2. icon_captureCapture
    Both paper and electronic files must be scanned and saved in ways that ensure document and data integrity.
  3. icon_folderClassify
    The system of indexing must be carefully planned in advance, so information is easy to find in the future.
  4. icon_fileFormat
    Captured data and files must be formatted consistently and systematically to ensure cross-compatibility between all file types.
  5. icon_timeRetrieve
    Documents must be stored in formats and locations that ensure ease of access and speed of retrieval.
  6. icon_graphReport
    The system must catalog all incoming information, showing how, where, and when files and data entered the system and where they are now.
  7. icon_deliverDeliver
    The system protocol and infrastructure must support efficient, secure routing of files and data to desired destinations.
  8. icon_integrateIntegrate
    You must know in advance how files will be used by your electronic content management (ECM) system so that data never gets trapped in a box or lost in translation.
  9. icon_secureSecure
    The whole system must be secured—in terms of human and electronic access and for both paper and electronic files.

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