Optimizing your document management starts
with a comprehensive and strategic approach

The key to optimizing your document management system is to first understand how information, images, paper, and electronic files enter, originate, and flow through your organization. 

The information moving through your organization has tremendous value to your business—but only if its integrity is established, preserved, and tapped. Doing this effectively requires a big-picture perspective. eDocument Solutions is unique in its ability to provide the most profitable combination of the following seven document management system components. A unique combination of the following components will best support your business: 

1. Document process efficiency backbone
All systems need a centralized repository and infrastructure, where all kinds of electronic files can be readily processed, stored, and accessed.

2. Centralized mailroom scanning
Many businesses benefit from high-volume, in-house capture centers for efficient processing of incoming mail or large volumes of paper files.

3. Distributed scanning
When documents are received at multiple locations in the enterprise, scanning them directly at the point of receipt can improve turnaround and reduce risk.

4. Electronic file input systems
You need a systematic means of capturing and routing all kinds of electronic files entering the organization through email, faxes, websites, EDI, print streams, FTP, or links.

5. Manual and automated data input systems
To ensure system integrity, data must be extracted and entered quickly, accurately, and uniformly—while reducing human touch points whenever possible.

6. Centralized outsourced services
It’s often more cost-effective to outsource document scanning and processing to industry experts, so you can focus on your core business.

7. Distributed outsourced services
When multiple facilities are involved, locating the capture operation near each regional branch can minimize shipping costs and simplify logistics. 

We offer the most profitable document system. Here's why:

Our document solutions team helps you weigh the cost-benefit tradeoffs of each component, while determining when and where to use in-house staff versus outsourced specialists. Our experienced document solutions team is uniquely equipped to analyze your company’s overall document management system and show you critical areas where profits are leaking away.

We also reevaluate existing clients periodically to continuously improve their performance over a long period of time. This analysis is often eye-opening, for IT and business managers alike. We analyze the following areas:

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