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Guidance™ Mortgage Solutions was developed by eDocument Solutions, LLC, an Irvine, CA company that specializes in business processes for the Mortgage Industry. With many years of experience in the business process and document management arena, eDocument Solutions saw the requirement for the Mortgage Industry to have a solution that could expedite the loan processing from the front end receipt of documents through the export of documents to investors.


Mortgage Lenders

Converting Information into Digital Assets With The Guidance™ Solution

It’s difficult to imagine an industry that creates more forms and paperwork than mortgage lending because much of this documentation is required by law and must be retained for specific periods of years.

Converting your organization’s paper and electronic information into classified, indexed, and readily accessible documents and data addresses the challenges of today’s lending industry.

With automated document process management, Mortgage institutions can process loan documents faster and with less cost while providing their clients with excellent service.

The Guidance™ Solution supports retail, wholesale, correspondent, and QC channels and allows multiple files to be uploaded, eliminating the need for file by file upload.

Here are some of the key time and money saving features that set the eDocument GuidanceTM Solution apart from all the others:

The Guidance™ Solution is available in either an On-Premise model if your firm has existing hardware, software and technical personnel. Or, in our secure Cloud model that allows our users the ultimate in flexibility in scaling their businesses.

Mortgage QC

Converting Information into Digital Assets With The Guidance™ Solution

Whether you are providing Pre Funding Audits, Post Closing Audits, Underwriting Review or Simulated Audits, the Guidance™ Solutions provides you with the tools to accomplish your goals efficiently and economically.

eDocument Guidance™ will:

The Guidance™ Solution can be tailored by quality control guidelines such as:

eDocument Solutions offers your organization the exact mix of services you’ll need to make money, save money, and save time including:

On Premise – If your firm has existing hardware, software, and technically adept personnel, eDocument Solutions can provide you with a complete analysis and recommendations for implementing the Guidance™ Solution on-site, including recommendations and referrals for hardware, software, and training.

Cloud – The Guidance™ Solution is available in a secure Cloud Model so that you can take full advantage of the software capability on pay per loan basis. This provides our clients the ultimate in ability to flex their business up and down and reduces setup costs.

Mortgage Brokers

With Guidance™ you can provide better service, faster response times while keeping your costs low!

As a Mortgage Broker, your efficiency and responsive turnaround times is key to your business model. With the Guidance™ solution you can capture your borrower’s information electronically and securely making the delivery of the documentation required a positive experience.

In your business it is important to capture information, in any format, from any source, in a fast and efficient manner to provide the best service to your customer. Guidance™ captures documents from the web, from scanners, and email. Utilizing the Guidance™ Document Management System (DMS) further allows your team to collaborate during processing. With our DMS workflow engine you can set processing rules, specific alerts and capture information for management review. Additionally, with a click of a button, you can create submission packages that are in your lender’s specified stacking order.

For Mortgage Brokers Guidance™ Hosted Secure Cloud version is ideal as it allows you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed and is cost effective as you pay on a per loan basis. With Compliance being a major concern in the Mortgage Industry, converting your organization’s paper and electronic information into classified, indexed, and readily accessible documents addresses the challenges of today’s lending industry.

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