The Benefits

Once you think beyond document capture, you can start viewing your entire document system as a critical driver of revenue and profit. This vantage point enables you to realize a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Reduced costs by eliminating waste and redundancy
  2. Greater operational efficiency
  3. More informed business decisions
  4. Improved security and reduced risk
  5. Quicker access to data and revenue streams
  6. Faster transaction times and better workflow
  7. Improved customer service and ease of doing business
  8. Increased throughput and capacity with existing staff
  9. More consistent and error-free documentation
  10. Greater ease in meeting compliance standards

Who benefits from strategic document management?

If documents drive critical processes in your organization, you can benefit financially by taking a more strategic approach to managing them. This is especially the case for businesses with huge backlogs of paper files, which are cumbersome and costly to index and access. Our document management and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions have improved the performance of companies in numerous vertical industries and for horizontal functions as well.

521. Mortgage

With GuidanceTM Mortgage Lenders, Brokers, and QC companies can free themselves from manual processing; decreasing cost and loan-processing time. Our easy-to-implement document-processing model will improve your productivity, help you meet compliance standards, eliminate waste, and help you close or QC loans faster. Our solution expedites the loan processing from the front end receipt of documents through the export of documents to investors. Find out more by visiting the GuidanceTM today.

17133595_s2. Education

Many education systems utilize older, paper-intensive processing systems, which require manpower and generally are inefficient. Our experience improving document handling and searchable document archiving for registrars, campus human resources and application review processes provides real cost savings and near-term ROI.

26572177_s3. Human Resources

We help HR departments to manage labor-force expenses while minimizing risk. Our document management solutions enable you to quickly climb on top of the mountain of paperwork with tools and services to support rapid acquisition of files and data mining to support all HR functions.

23132451_s4. Legal and Professional Services

We understand law-firm economics and management, enabling us to provide you with practical, cost‐effective solutions. We can also help you handle documents more securely and efficiently, providing information integrity while also meeting deadlines.

15324877_s5. Manufacturing and Distribution

We ensure that shipping data and backlog information finds its way efficiently to the people in your organization who need to respond to customers in a timely manner. This helps reduce customer service costs and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

18735702_s6. Healthcare

We help private practices, medical groups, and hospitals protect highly sensitive financial and health information, while reducing expenses, improving patient care, satisfying government regulations, and expediting revenue flow.

17640283_s7. Accounts Payable

A document-processing system tailored to your business ensures accurate data flow and business analytics. This allows your management team to make better decisions by capitalizing on negotiated discounts, improving vendor relationships, and accelerating cash flow.

3838. Compliance

We work with many industries to ensure document storage and data compliance. Whether you’re concerned about your contract base, purchasing documents for import or export compliance, or meeting employee training regulations, our solutions provide the information and analytics that help you meet industry requirements.

3819. Insurance

Many insurance companies are still managing costly manual processes, despite constrained resources and mounting regulatory requirements. We can help you expedite document workflow accurately, providing maximum value and information exchange for clients and agents, improving customer retention, and reducing costs.

Who do you trust with your high-profile documents?

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