About eDocument Solutions

Our experienced core team at eDocument Solutions has been perfecting the critical skill sets in the electronic document management industry since its inception. We’ve witnessed the pitfalls and know the ropes. Our secret is to keep things simple and follow industry best practices, while being responsive, reliable, and focused on quality. eDocument Solutions believes in streamlining slow, inefficient manual processes - allowing you to:

We start the process by determining which is the best option for your business: cloud or on-premise document storage. From there, we design a customized document management plan for your business.  

Why work with us?

We have an experienced core team

We’ve been in the electronic document management industry since its inception. We have the expertise and sophisticated software tools to create a comprehensive strategy that's tailored to fit your business's unique process.

Our expertise is highly specialized

Over the years, our team has developed a honed skill-set. Our core competencies include business process analysis, information technology, software development, database management, training and more.

We offer flexible solutions

We provide the best solution for your business using the most suitable leading-edge technology—without equipment or software restrictions.

We look at the big picture

We’re uniquely equipped to analyze your firm’s overall document management system, while showing you critical areas where profits are leaking away.

We're environmentally conscious

We can help your business slash its carbon footprint and promote sustainability, while transforming paper waste into profits.

Who do you trust with your high-profile documents?

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